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Your Voice is Beautiful!

Updated: Feb 25

Something I believe with absolute certainty: Everyone has a beautiful voice. Yes, you heard that right. The mere fact that our bodies have the ability to function in such an intricate manner is beautiful. We are born with the most versatile instrument, and with so many different components, comes just as many possible variations. What other instrument can sound like a cello one minute, and a flute the next?

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Your voice is unique. I find it interesting that everyone is so different, and yet so familiar. We all use the same muscles, and yet no two people think, look or sing exactly the same. This is a gift, being different is something we can aspire to be.

Being unique will get you noticed in the industry. Find what it is that makes you unique, study it, and show people. It’s important to know what you are working with, and how you can adjust your sound to work for the people you are presenting to. Knowing how your instrument can be altered is an invaluable tool for control. A good place to start for your audience is by asking how you want to be perceived. How can you use your instrument to achieve this?

A good vocal coach will teach you how to control your voice, and how to utilise your unique vocal talent. Their aesthetic bias should be avoided, your voice is just that: yours. If you’re uncomfortable and feel like someone is trying to make you sound the same as everyone else: RUN. What makes you different makes you great. That being said, if you aren’t such a fan of your “vocal quirks”, then simply communicate it, and work with your coach until you’re comfortable.

We’re all on this journey, and it can be a scary thing. Just know that mistakes are opportunities to learn, and you’re going in the right direction. Your voice is beautiful, you’re beautiful, so get out there and show everyone what you can do!

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