• Tamara Abbott

Are Singing Lessons Right For You?

Let's face it, life is a mess. We're all busy living our lives, not to mention sleeping! Sometimes it can be difficult to find the time for our own self care. You may wonder if singing lessons can fit into your schedule, or if you should even be singing in the first place. As a vocal coach, I firmly believe that yes, singing can be for everyone, regardless of experience or training. And here's why:

-->Singing alleviates the stressors of daily life. Scientific studies have shown that when you’re singing, or even simply thinking about singing, the reward centres in your brain activate and release the ‘feel good’ chemical dopamine. Simply put, singing makes you feel good. This in turn, assists us with increased confidence and general morale. When you need a pick me up, singing is a natural therapy.

->Singing empowers us to learn more about our body. The voice is incredible, and when we learn how to use it, it can inspire us to seek more information. Doing so has health benefits as well! Singing requires specific effort, and over time, will improve our posture, breathing, enunciation and more!

->People from all walks of life can connect through music. Across cultural divides, music can help us feel connected. Even at home, music creates a sense of community. Singing in a choir or in any sort of group environment is extremely beneficial for bonding, even just a karaoke session does wonders.

->Singing can improve brain function. There are immense health benefits associated with singing. It can improve your focus, energy levels and memory function, and even helps your heart and immune system. Singing can lower your blood pressure, thereby decreasing any stress or anxiety.

Everyone can benefit from singing, and whether you’re looking to improve your singing, or you simply want a good ol' break from your crazy life, singing lessons can help.

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