Find your voice with anatomy based training. At Vocal Essence, we maintain an energised and creative approach to vocal training, influenced by the Estill Voice Model, educating students in vocal anatomy and how the body can efficiently produce sound without strain using techniques that instil good vocal health and stamina.

Vocal Essence offers tailored lessons to find your voice and hone your vocal technique. We are here to guide your improvement, both in singing and performance, so you can find comfort in your voice and sing without fear.

With Vocal Essence, you will learn:

     -->How the voice operates... Learn about the mechanisms in your voice and how you can make adjustments to suit the voice quality you want. 

     -->Safe reliable techniques... Step by step training will make sure you are treating your instrument with the care it needs to flourish

     -->Projection and intensity... Unlock your volume and performance potential. Learn how to turn heads with your voice! 

     -->Technical application to songs... Translate the techniques you learn into your songs and build the foundation of trust in your instrument. 

     -->Dynamics and tone colour... Find your individual voice and make vocal choices to stand out. 

     -->Customised learning plans... Keep on track with vocal training plans after every session with Vocal Essence. 

Want to know more? Give Vocal Essence a go, contact us today! 

Sing with Vocal Essence

"I am interested in the intrinsic nature of singing, and why we find so much joy in using our voices."
- Tamara Abbott, Founder of Vocal Essence
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