Meet Tamara Abbott
EFP / Specialist Voice Trainer/ Founder of Vocal Essence

Hi, I’m Tamara Abbott. My vocal journey began when I was taken to weekly lessons as a child at the beginning of school term. What started as a fun after school activity soon became my passion. I felt at home on the stage and never wanted to leave. It's been two decades since then, and nothing has changed. 


Finding a vocal coach that worked for me was a process. There are many around, each with their own unique experience of the voice. Through my exploration of the world of singing I have learned that knowledge is power, and the more I know about my voice, the better equipped I am to train others. That is why I am continuously training my voice and love learning about the anatomy and physiology of my instrument. 

There are many things that I love about singing. Anyone can do it, but like anything it takes focused practice to master. That's where I come in...

My job is to give you the tools and confidence to understand how your voice operates and creates sound, how to control and alter that sound, and how to ultimately perform with confidence. 

My mission is to equip others with the bedrock understanding of their voice in a way that will help them maintain a healthy and sustainable technique for future growth. I work with students in developing strategies that help them move through any difficulties, while allowing them to explore all that their voice has to offer.

Singing is fascinating to me in both technical and emotional ways. At the end of their lesson, my students always leave with a deeper understanding of how their voice operates, plus a higher level of passion for the craft. I am interested in the intrinsic nature of singing, and why we find so much joy in using our voice.

Is there anything I've missed? Get in touch with any questions or comments and I will do my best to respond quickly.