Are Vocal lessons right for me?

Do you find it difficult to speak for long periods of time?

Do you dislike hearing your own recorded voice?

Do you run out of breath while singing?

Would you like to learn how to project your voice?

Are you interested in learning the mechanics of your voice?

Would you like to work on your stage presence?

Vocal Essence can help you!

What does a lesson look like with Tamara?

Lessons run for 45minutes and usually begin the following way, (though your experience may differ as you continue with lessons)...:

Before your lesson, you will receive a Zoom link. When the time is right (about 1-2 mins before), simply click the link to start your call with your me

We will warm up with exercises and review any questions or comments you may have about your past practice sessions. I like to continue with a vocal technique that applies to your vocal goals or needs. We seek to locate the feeling, then play with controlling the technique. 

Then it's time for the song or spoken word! Let's apply your newly acquired skills! 

Your lesson will conclude with a detailed vocal lesson plan, sent to your email. This is designed to keep your practice on track and can be amazing for checking your progress. 

Does Tamara specialise in my style of singing?

I grew up singing with a variety of styles, ranging from Jazz, Musical Theatre, Classical and Contemporary. I have a special place in my heart for these genres. Through my work, influenced by the Estill Voice Model, I have developed an understanding on the inner mechanics of the voice and am confident teaching any style that promotes good long term vocal health. 

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